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Cosplay Stuffs

Cosplaying Akita, Graham, and Iceland!

Waiting on mail for the following:
Akita's costume
Graham's uniform
Akita's wig
Graham's wig
Iceland's wig

Stuff I Need to Buy:
Mehron Rigid Collodion ( I had two jars and I guess stored it wrong and it dried up. *cries* )
Eye Liner
Black Shoes
Black shorts
Blue Tape

Stuff I Need to Figure Out:
How to make Akita's hair clip/thing. . .lol.

This coming weekend I need to work on stuff. I have Akita's headphones and boots that I will focus on as well as painting Iceland's shirt. I won't be able to do a whole lot for Akita's boots until her costume comes in so I can match the yellows. But there is a few big things I can do before.
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