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Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. Left for work at 6:40am and didn't get home until 8:00am. I was in a car for probably 6 hours of it.

Went to the other station in Santa Maria. Went to share something I put together on the website for sales and then lay down some rules on what news/promotion can and can't do on the website. They were giving me extra work to do worried that they shouldn't be doing even the simplest of tasks.

Also, so incredibly happy that this one task would be handed off to me, got handed off to someone else.

The station is kind of cool looking. The building is in a triangle, but rather small. I felt lost when walking around, but seemed to always get to where I am going in that place. I got to go out to lunch in Orcutt and that place looked really familiar. I think that's where my dad lived for a while when he was growing up. I was trying to get a hold of him to confirm and to say, "Guess where I ate lunch today!" :3

A lot of my Dad's family is in that area. Not Santa Maria, but just north of it in Pismo Beach area. I remember always going to Pismo Beach when visiting family so it looked really familiar.

After we were done the GM wanted everyone to go to his place for a drink. My ride and I kinda didn't want to go, but we did. After a drink we left. . .but it was a bit late so yeah. Didn't get home until late.

The car ride was fun. My phone is really upsetting me right now. It took me 20-25 minutes to type and send a text. It took I think 15 minutes to finally gt to the point where I could type. I'm just fucking sick of how much the phone lags and never loads anything. By "load", I mean open the text to send a fucking text. Sometimes it won't let me select a person and just closes out. I shut off and turned on my phone twice during that time and closed programs hoping that would help, but it didn't. Ugh.

I wanna do nothing today, but going to a BBQ this afternoon. And I have chores/errands tomorrow. Pllb.
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