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Whut Dream

I don't even know. . .dream. Wow. Okay.

So, my dad and I were visiting something like a vacation spot. There was a series of condos were built on the side of a steep hill. It was a confusing maze of switch backs and the building itself was all broken up into weird sections. It's really difficult to explain.

My dad wanted to me to meet someone who lived on the very bottom condo. Told me to meet him down there. He headed off, I grabbed some kid's toy near by that was like a circle thing with three wheels and a handle that stuck out. I started riding it down this stone path until I got to the bottom condo that looked more like a garage.

I wheeled myself in and the floors were hardwood. It was beautiful and there were all these antique cars. I turned the corner and spotted an elevator shaft and went around it where there was a rope thing. Like something that tells people "do not pass." On the otherside was a huge living room with a fireplace and I see my dad having a drink with several people. One of those people was dressed up in a Skeletor costume.

Skeletor came over to me and was like, "You must be Meagan." and shook my hand. My dad came over to me and laughed saying I would need to go back up the hill and take the elevator down. I would have to go through my grandfather's condo into a court yard. I got excited, I wanted my picture taken with Skeletor.

Before I left, they asked me if they should make a drink for me and I said yes. They all began laughing at me and I felt very confused and left. I left the toy I was riding for some kid near by and began going up the hill. Only. . .it became really confusing to me an I started to feel lost.

I headed into the condo I thought my Grandfather lived in and it became strange.

Like. . .I headed down a hallway, turned a corner, and I was suddenly standing on a banister. I got off it, headed up the stairs, and suddenly I was on a book case that dividing the dining room from the family room. It was like an M.C. Escher painting. It made no sense.

Well, I felt stuck on the book case and was trying to figure out how to get down. You see, into the dining room was really a full story drop for me. The family room was awkward, I simply couldn't get down and I couldn't go back anymore. I began noticing these notes that had appeared in the path I took including one next to me. I picked it up and it had a drawing of a rabbit and some sentence I can't remember.

I let my feet dangle off the end and at that moment a maid goes by. She looks up, sees me and scream. She falls back down and that calls out an elderly couple who was definitely not my grandparents. They stared up at me and I realized I had gotten into the wrong house.

I feel embarrassed and start hearing the music from Super Mario Bros and jump down into the family room that happened to have a large seal just laying there. I missed it, thankfully.

There was a very attractive man on the couch and I realized he is who is making the Super Mario music. He stops and comments, "You went the drunk route."

I asked "What?" and the elderly couple explained the path I took through their house is called the drunk route. I get more confused and claim that I haven't even had a drink and they show me out. Upon reaching back outside, my dad is coming down the path with my mother and helping her as if she couldn't walk very well. My mother seems angry and asks what the hell I was doing.

I explain I got lost and she tries to tell me that's impossible. My dad tries to help me saying it does happen all the time and they walk past. I overhear my mother ask my dad, "Are we staying in the guest house that looks over the office?" She then corrects herself, "That use to be there?"

And for some reason I think to myself, "Oh yeah, the office burned down in a fire." I follow after them and my alarm went off.
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