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There was a time, but not anymore.

I stayed up way late (for me) working on something for work. I had to get something done before my 8:30am meeting today and even though I have a half hour from when I get to work until the meeting, somehow. . .that thirty minutes always goes by in a blink. ( And actually there IS something I have to do beforehand as I forgot about something I can't do from home. )

Usually I don't have anything to talk about in the Sales meeting, but for once I do and it is probably a good idea to look prepared. Ha.

I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights so the fact that I went to bed really late last night is really dragging me down this morning. There was a time where I could handle 4 hours of sleep. That's not this time. I probably got more like 5 hours from hitting snooze so much.

Somehow, I managed to eat breakfast, battle my hair, build a salad, pack some snacks, and get dressed all before 7am. Which doesn't usually happen. Usually I am getting dressed at 7am and then when it is time to leave I am wondering why I am feeling rushed.

I never learn.
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