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I need to get healthier. Being in bed for an entire week and having to eat something (even if only small) every four hours including at 2am and 6am. . .I've put on noticeable weight. It's bad enough that since moving to California I don't walk anymore. I walked everywhere in Washington, but that really isn't an option in California. I can walk to the store, but I most definitely cannot walk to work. ( Though, walking to work in Washington wasn't a big deal. XD; Just like walking to the store here in Cali isn't a big deal. )

I've been trying to eat healthier and I have been, but I know I can be better especially for dinner. So I think I am going to work out a weekly meal plan for every night as horribly boring as that sounds. My big problem is I hate the time it takes to cook, eat, and clean, but if I establish some sort of weekly routine it won't be so bad. And I don't have to be as specific as say "Every Tuesday is spaghetti with meatballs." I can do "Protein + Pasta" night which is pretty open. Stir Fry night is a must which also is pretty flexible and has many options so I won't get sick of it after week four. ( Actually, I don't think I could ever get tired of my stir fry even if I didn't change much of it each time I made it. :9 )

By golly, I think my stir fry beats my favorite food of "anything Italian."

I've also been trying to figure out good snacks I can have at work. I keep thinking "Carrots!", but I tend to eat carrots at lunch. XD I love carrots. I may just have to browse through the grocery store next time I go to figure out some things. I would prefer it if I didn't have to refrigerate whatever it is and all I can think of is peanuts and dried fruit. And canned tuna, but I am guessing I shouldn't eat that practically everyday for weeks on end.

Also, going to take up jogging. As crazy as that sounds. I really enjoy walking, so why not? I was looking online for recommended exercise to lose weight and more specifically to help my abs. I don't need 6 pack abs or anything. . .that's just where much of my fat has been going. They recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week as part of your weekly exercise routine. . .reading that I realized something. I hate traffic. I stay late everyday after work either working or chatting with people. I stay a half hour late everyday.

I quickly went to google and was happy to discover that the loop at the end of the road my work is located is just a little bit over a mile. So I think three days a week I will just go jog/walk that aim to be able to jog without stopping. Just have to do that for 30 minutes. I just need to invest in tennis shoes and a better water bottle. ( The one I use at work is waaay too big to carry. ) I'll add in exercises for the abs two other days a week.

I'm actually at work right now, but it is that after 5pm period where I wait for traffic to go down. *Sigh*

There are things about California I don't understand:
California, at least having lived in Washington, seemed to be the environmentalist's mecca. ( Outside of Portland, OR! ) I always felt like as an outsider that Californians were all big about the environment with all their recycling and programs and laws and just that's the image I got. I've never lived in such a place where litter and trash was so bad. Not that I lived in many places, but again: The image I've grown up with California was that they were big on saving the environment.

Other thing I don't get. CONSTRUCTION. Are you kidding me? Really? Really? Where I'm from, the joke is, "There are two seasons. Winter and construction." Because you can't get much construction done when it is snowing and freezing out. That's not exactly a problem here. I would think construction could be happening at anytime of the year. But why does this mean drag out construction for an entire year or longer?! And I am frustrated because I can't find any information on the construction being done. It's kind of a big deal and I can't find what they are doing exactly or how long they plan for it to take. In Washington, I could find that information and sure, sometimes "completion date" was off, but they update it and make changes when needed. ARGH.
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