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With medical bills, moving, the new-to-me car, bills, and living in California where it isn't exactly "cheap" to live. . .I have done absolutely nothing in preparation for SakuraCon outside of buying a badge. Yes. Still going to go to SakuraCon in Washington.

Nearly 900 miles away. Oh, and I'm driving there. 15 hour drive. YEAH!

Two days ago was payday and using some of the money to commission someone to sew together Graham's uniform from the movie. I will at some point force myself to watch the movie. I was going to during my week of recovery, but had downloaded the wrong thing.

I also want to cosplay Akita. To be honest, my biggest concern are her boots. I think I know how to make them and actually, the other night I tried to see what other people do and was happy to find that it is what a lot of other people do. I'm confident with my plan for her headphones. I'm going to use a real set of headphones and alter them. They won't be accurate in that there will be a bar over my head attaching them. I don't take cosplay as seriously as some people, so whatever. I figured I would paint it yellow~ I don't know how to make her hair band yet.

I'm still undecided for my Sunday cosplay. Was thinking Iceland from SatW. Also thinking out of laziness and time, going as Allelujah, Klavier, or Akita/Graham again. Allelujah and Klavier as I love their wigs. <3
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