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30 November 2015 @ 08:25 am
  • OH from customer service: "You can send a fax. For FREE. Over the internet. It's called EMAIL."
  • One of my coworkers is going to be the death of me, I swear...
  • He makes me laugh so much. One day I am just going to stop breathing from laughing so much and die. And it will be his fault.
  • >Forget password
    >"We'll send a code to p********@y*******.com"
    >That is definitely not anibunny@gmail...
    >WTF is my username then?!
  • I always want to romance the unavailable characters in videogames. Boourns.
  • There is a political question I really want to ask, but I imagine the people I want to ask will completely misunderstand what I am asking.

Fallout 4 distracted me from Twitter.
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23 November 2015 @ 08:11 am
  • Me playing Fallout 4: I'm going to build a wall around my whole settlement!
    Me 8 hours later: Fuck it. I'm just putting a turret here.
  • Adem is dealing with the monster under our bed…better described as the spider I saw run under there.
  • It's #InternationalMensDay today. Lets not be assholes about it or spew sexist vitriol just because you dont think men have important issues
  • I am far from prepared for the meeting today in 20 minutes. [nervous laugh]
  • Good thing this meeting is happening before my review. [nervous laughing intensifies]
  • Being completely honest, in my 10+ years of employment, never had a yearly review. [stops laughing and jumps out window]
  • In your 30s and want to feel awkward? Attend a high school play where you aren’t related to anyone in any way.

By "dealing" with the spider under the bed, I mean catching it and taking it outside. Just so that you are aware. He he he.
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16 November 2015 @ 09:06 am
  • To quote the DM: It has the intelligence of 1,000 rats!
  • I love my elf. He lived. He got back to town and had a “spa day.” Everyone thinks he is a pushover because he likes nice things. #dnd
  • Woke up to loud thunder and lots of rain! Get dressed, hurry outside, and it stops. BOO.
  • Hot topic in customer service right now: Have you (or would you) ever eaten a "mayo sandwich."
  • I think the important question is: Can you really call it a sandwich if all it is is mayo between slices of bread?
  • Adem is having computer issues when playing Fallout 4. I feel bad for playing it since he is more into the series than I am.
  • Trying to play Fallout 4 last night I am reminded why I make Adem play all these games while I watch: I am a stormtrooper when playing FPS.
  • OH: "They took all the Christmas out of it and now they are communist cups."

    The things I hear in this office...
  • OH: "I'm literally killing you."

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09 November 2015 @ 09:34 pm
  • In my dream last night I killed the leader of North Korea and everyone was angry with me.
  • In other news, I didn't sleep well last night. Which isn't news as that seems to be my "thing" now.
  • I just got a giant box filled with t-shirts. These t-shirts were supposed to go to the printer in another city. Not me.
  • Every time I think about these shirts in my office I just want to start laughing.
  • OH: "Today sucks." "I confirm that today sucks. I've had 46 calls today so far."

    TODAY SUCKS. It's official. We should all get to go home.
  • Have I said today how much I hate Illustrator? No? Well I fucking hate it.
  • Customer service is playing bad music and I don't want to close my door and show that I hate it...this is the brain I live with.
  • So I wouldn't normally call 911 for almost being hit by a car in California, but sometimes I will make an exception.
  • Like when the driver speeds up the hill, uturn in traffic, up on the sidewalk, almost hits me, and then up the hill again. ALL IN REVERSE.
  • Coworker commented that another and I are like siblings, lol. I’V ALWAYS WANTED A YOUNGER BROTHER!!!!
  • My CW-Brother has a sore spot at these events. He puts up signs saying dont recycle the wine glasses and people ignore it.
  • CW: *carrying an empty wine glass*
    Me: Want me to recycle that for you?
    CW: *Not missing a beat* Fuck you.
  • Making everyone on the 2nd floor hate me by using the papercutter hundreds of times.
  • My coworker just called Symphonic Metal "Classic Rock." /Criesforever
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02 November 2015 @ 09:11 am
  • TIL that "Ladies' Night" promotions by businesses are illegal in California.
  • AT&T called me. Seemed annoyed. Really? I feel like if anyone should be annoyed it should be me. I've been without internet for 19 days.
  • This has not been a good week and it is only Tuesday.
  • Seeing a dumb post on Facebook and only rolling your eyes and scrolling past is true strength.
  • In other news, another night of poor sleep. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to break down and get a mocha and forget to substitute the milk
  • Still drinking it. I guess I just wanted to start Wednesday wanting to curl up in a ball and die.
  • I just want to stay home and cry all day to be completely honest.
  • I'm tired of being treated like shit & insignificant this month by companies over problems I am having when I approach them with politeness.
  • Crying sounds WAY more productive than dealing with USPS again.
  • Work really wants me to provide artwork for First Friday. Guess who is going to get a bunch of anibunnies to put on their walls!!!
  • The woman behind me is standing so close she is practically breathing on my neck while rubbing my ass with her purse.
  • Hey boyfriend is now kissing on her. Am I in a threeway now??? Does this count???
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26 October 2015 @ 10:02 am
  • I miss internet. Get your act together @att, seriously. I’ve been 11 days without internet.
  • Downtown. It begins to rain. Random people scattered about begin yelling “Rain!” #California
  • So, I have used a good chunk of data on my phone plan since I have no internet so....you probably won't see me tweet outside of work hours
  • Dear photoshop, don't crash on me right now.
  • I guess someone stole the keys to our apartment building so ALL the locks are having to be replaced. Ugh.
  • Late to the party, but CONGRATS ON YOU CANADA! #StopHarper
  • Forgot to pack a lunch again. Man. I am terrible at doing things necessary for survival.
  • I just need a day to like...sleep the entire day.
  • Just got the following message in a program at work: "No authorization to push that button" Amazing.
  • I want to know why no one can tell me roughly when I MIGHT get Internet. Does @ATT just pick installs by lottery? Throw darts at a map??
  • Wow, I am getting super fucking pissed off with AT&T right now. You have no idea.
  • My dislike of Comcast actually is fueled by previous experience of having them as a client.
  • I almost made someone shoot coffee from their nose. I am glad he was able to control it.
  • First Half of the Week: I just want to sleep. Depressed.
    Second Half of the Week: I am so stressed and wired. Let's drink!
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19 October 2015 @ 09:10 am
  • "Why did they name an apple after a computer?" -A younger and dumber me eating a McIntosh.
  • Coworker complimented my signature and now I realized what am I gonna do when I get married???
  • Petition to define Millennials as anyone who can't remember a time before computers.
  • Ugh. Back is suddenly bothering me. Good thing I have some meds in my car...that's a couple of miles away.......argh. Damnit.
  • (unhappy noises)
  • Coworker brought up three 40lbs boxes of postcards...
  • Me: You should have called me to help!
    CW: They're heavy!
    Me: That's why we have a handtruck.
    CW: Up the stairs?!
    Me: We have an elevator.
  • Space will always be interesting. If someone says it is boring, well they are wrong and probably shouldn't be taken seriously.
  • We got some fiber muffins for today’s meeting. They have gotten some interesting reactions. #FiberMuffin
  • “Those are muffins? Did you take the tops???” “They smell like earth and sadness” #FiberMuffin
  • AT&T didn't finish wiring my building. Meaning I can't get internet until they finish their JOB.
  • Even when I am not an AT&T customer they are screwing me over.
  • There are honestly days where the thought of raising children in America terrifies me.
  • Tomorrow I am working from West Cliff. Outside and watching surfers. WHAT A HORRIBLE FRIDAY!!! /s
  • Coworker wanted to know how live TV happens here. I explained it. He asks our tech guy who repeats what I said. >:(
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12 October 2015 @ 08:49 am
  • >How long of a wait for 2?
    >“15 minutes”
    >45 mins later we are still not seated and there has been an empty table the whole time
  • We left and went to starbucks for something quick and the guy taking our order couldnt grasp the idea of no cheese.
  • I have been watching you assemble sandwiches. Just. Dont put cheese on it
  • “…social justice is not justice. It’s a mob mentality that destroys…”
  • I finally have a little doodle of Rumarin up at work because I'm a total loser like that and I don't care.
  • I fucking hate pinterest.
  • I should probably look in a mirror and see if my hair is okay to be in public with, huh?
  • My hair can be offensive at times by ignoring science with how it defies gravity and all that.
  • Purposely inconvenience self to avoid being harassed by Green Peace. Run into Planned Parenthood protesters instead. #Really?!
  • Grabbing a lemon-lime dumdum only for it to be cream soda. Why is my life suffering?
  • In the span of three minutes, I've almost ran into (literally) the CEO /twice/.
  • Friends and Adem put a couch in the elevator. Now the question is…can they get it out?
  • I made a joke in the marketing meeting and the CEO wants to buy the URL now.

    >Looks at camera.
  • OH: if one kiss made you bi, I would be super gay!
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05 October 2015 @ 09:12 am
  • “I still have space in this box, but I dont know what to fill it with!” A constant moving struggle.
  • Adem: tbwfw. . .?
    Me: I have no idea what the fuck that means.
    Adem: ...that baffling...woman...finds...Wilbur?
  • Someone stole my friend’s gaming bag…but took out her character sheet and left that. Lost a cute bag, dice, and figures.
  • Wasn't a weekend supposed to happen or exist???
  • Was on snack duty this week for work. I think I got all the important snack groups: chocolate, crackers, cookies, chips, and candy.
  • I just love Rumarin and that needed to be said right now.
  • Someone is trying to explain to me that this badly designed tattoo of a devil wing is okay how it is because devils don't exist. Dude. No.
  • Wings should appear to function. Even if they are too small, at least have the form to FUNCTION like a wing would.
  • It's 2015 and people still believe that autoplay videos on the web is a good thing.
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01 October 2015 @ 04:46 pm
My current apartment is part of an open complex with a lot of grass, trees, and walkways. A lot of cats wander about and I often try to coax them into coming close to me so I can pet them.

There is a super pretty and super friendly cat that wanders about named Lele. She lives two doors over and has adopted Adem and I as her part-time home. She will come up to our front door, meow, and want in. We let her. Since she isn't our cat, we simply leave the door open for her when she comes to say hi and she can leave whenever she pleases. She usually does this in the morning.

The other day on the weekend, I heard Lele meowing and so I opened the door. It was a nice day and so I left it pretty wide open. Gave her some attention and then she went off to sleep in our bed for a bit.

I was on the computer and little bit later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and...it wasn't Lele.

It was a different cat, a grey one. I call him "Roll-y Poll-y" or "Noisy Kitty." whenever I say hi to him in the courtyard. Whenever I give him pets outside, he starts meowing and rolling around on the ground at my feet. I don't know what his name actually is. And there he was, standing in our kitchen with happy/friendly tail and looking at me like, "What? I totally belong here."

We are slowly getting adopted by all the neighborhood cats.

Adem and I move in a week and I feel sorry for anyone who moves in there. They will (at the very least) have a cat meowing at their door almost every morning and walking in like she owns the place. Ha ha.

I am definitely going to miss our part-time cats. Though, our new place is pretty rad in other ways.
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